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The Building

I want to, as long as I am here, open my eyes, look modest and expect, what builds up in my soul.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

From a crafts workshop to one of the most beautiful art hotels in Europe. The history of the Schlossberghotel – Das Kunsthotel reads itself just like a fairy tale. In 1596 it was named the Imperial and Royal carpentry of Graz and the tradition of handicraft kept on for the next centuries. A new chapter was opened in the 1960s as the traditional building was transformed into the “Gasthof Bierstrom”. A few pages later, from 1980 until 1982, the building was vastly remodeled and modernized and reopened as Schlossberghotel. In the following years the hotels grows as two adjoining buildings are added. Another highlight in the story of the hotel was the construction of the new apartments in the Domenig-Spitz in 2011.

Art Collection

Art is not the bread, but the wine of life.
Jean Paul

According to the quote of Jean Paul this would mean that the Schlossberghotel – Das Kunsthotel can be compared to a premium, extensively-equipped wine cellar. Exactly like that the art collection offers diversification and excitement on the highest level, numerous treasures and a lot of room for interpretation.


Exposed artists


Aduatz Friedrich
Anzinger Siegfried
Attersee Christian Ludwig
Augustiner Werner


Bischof Peter
Bischoffshausen Hans
Bohatsch Erwin
Brandl Herbert
Brettschuh Gerald
Brus Günther
Buchegger Christoph


Carr Tom
Claramunt Luis
Clementschitsch Jakob Carl


Dali Salvador
Damisch Gunther
De Pauli Christine
Dorfer Oliver
Druml Helga


Ebmer David
Eisendle Bernhard


Fleissner Richard
Panzer Fritz
Frohner Adolf


Gaisser Renate
Gantner Christof
Goessel Anette
Greissing Heinz


Haberpointner Alfred
Hauser Carry
Hausner Xenia
Hollegha Wolfgang
Hörtner Sabina
Hutter Peter


Ibruly Hamo
Immendorf Jörg


Jungwirth Martha


Kienzer Michael
Klinkan Alfred
Klösel Linda
Kodritsch Ronald
Kogelnik Kiki
Koller Konrad
Kollig Kornelius


Lassnig Maria
Leitner-Grünberg Rudolf
Lojen Gerhard
Lorenz Wolfgang
Lozica Lujo


Manning Michael
Marchl Günther
Mayer Sigwart
Messensee Jürgen
Mikl Josef
Mosbacher Alois
Moswitzer Gerhard
Motschnig Franz
Mühl Otto


Nitsch Hermann


Oberhuber Oswald
Oman Valentin
Oreb Ilzvor
Osterider Adolf


Prachensky Markus
Panzer Friedrich
Petz Anton
Prelog Drago


Rainer Arnulf
Ringel Franz


Scheiber Hugo
Scheibl Hubert
Schnur Martin
Schreiter Johannes
Schuster Robert
Schwarzinger Franz
Sengl Peter
Staudacher Hans
Sturm Gabriele
Svetnik Bernd


Traversa Gregor
Troger Gustav


Udine Pega
Urban Hartwig


Von Heyl Charline


Wagnest Matta
Waltenberger Markus
Weigand Hans
Weiler Max
Wickenburg Alfred
Wiener-Roither Günther
Wukounig Reimp-Sergan
Wurm Erwin
Wysocki Stanislaw


Zechner Johannes
Zimmer Ines
Zogmayer Leopold

Artists in Action

The artist lacks the talent to be an average human being.
Werner Mitsch

Because it is truly everything else but average what the „Artists in Action“ create each year. As a limited edition and exclusively for the Schlossberghotel – Das Kunsthotel the artists let their creativity run free and individual highlights emerge.

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Art in the area

The secret of art is that you do not seek, but find.
Pablo Picasso

To arrange the seeking and finding in the easiest way the highlights of the art- and culture scene of Graz are already marked on the map and wait to be combed through.


How to reach the Schlossberghotel – Das Kunsthotel

In the heart of the old town of Graz, situated at the foot of the Schlossberg, the Schlossberghotel – Das Kunsthotel is the ideal starting point for your stay in Graz. You can reach the most important sights, shopping possibilities, cafes and restaurants in only a few walking minutes. Leave your car directly in front of our hotel, we park it for you in our underground parking garage opposite of the hotel.

By train

Get off at the Grazer Hauptbahnhof and take the tram 1 (Direction Mariatrost), 3 (Direction Krenngasse), 6 (Direction St. Peter) or 7 (Direction St. Leonhard/LKH). Change to the tram 3 or 5 towards Andritz at “Hauptplatz”. Leave the tram at the stop “Schlossbergbahn”. The hotel is right opposite of the tram stop.

By plane

The stop of the airport bus (bus 630/631) of the Grazer Verkehrsbetriebe is right in front of the airport. Get off at the stop “Jakominiplatz” and take the tram 3 or 5 towards Andritz at “Hauptplatz”. Leave the tram at the stop “Schlossbergbahn”. The hotel is right opposite of the tram stop.
You can find more information at

By car

Take the highway A2 or A9 and keep driving towards the center. Follow the road signs to the Schlossberghotel – Das Kunsthotel.



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Press Enquiries

For press enquiries please contact Ms. Valerie Marko.


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